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Computer System

I built my newest system in the Spring of 2012.  This system includes an Intel i7 3770K which I have running overclocked at 4322 MHz.  I put it together on an Asus Maximus V Gene with 16GB of Mushkin memory.  I am running on a 240GB Intel 520 (Cherryville) SDD with an Nvidia 560Ti graphics card.  I went to a microATX as I realized I really had no use for a full ATX system anymore with the great ingetration of current motherboards.  Plus it fits better under my desk!

We also have a Windows Media Center system that we use as our DVR, music/movie storage database, and serves all of our photos.  If you can configure it correctly, a Mediacenter computer is a great investment and we love ours.  We are running three extenders in our main room, den, and gym all on gigbit ethernet.  The mediacenter has a quad tuner Ceton cablecard which truly is awesome.  Its too bad that MS is slowly abandoning the mediacenter ecosystem as it is a superior alternative to big cable's DVRs.



  Here's a picture of my usual desktop on my Dell U2410 Widescreen monitor: